"Too Real" released early 2019 and premiered on Shade45's Sway In The Morning and was played on DJ Wonder's Animal Status

Mix by Laiko

Master by Chris Athens


With their urge to travel further in both life and music, the duo created "Stay" to share their feelings about the importance of leaving your comfortable environment in order to grow. The music video for "Stay" premiered on national Dutch TV channel XITE

Mix by Ken Lewis

Master by Laffree


Positive summer vibes mixed with thoughtful lyrics that most people will relate to. "Need Me" showed the versatility of the Mae Seven sound. 

Mix & Master by Laffree

Co-production Gio Jams


With over 200K plays in their first year, "Who to Believe" marks the introduction of Mae Seven to the world. Picked up by Spotify's "Fresh Finds" and multiple media outlets in The Netherlands and U.S. it showed the demand for the duo's sound. 

Mix & Master by Laffree


Slow vibes & sharing feelings, "Still There" is an ode to past loving relationships. The song premiered with a live performance on major Dutch radio platform BNR and was played on FunX. Currently, "Still There" is also to be heard in Joe & The Juice coffeeshops around the world.  

Mix by Ken Lewis

Master by Laffree

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